— Care is… by Francisca José

About the Voicing Care design Voicing Care has been a challenging project and very much cared for.Designing its identity was a very rewarding process because I learned a lot, especially about Japan, both language and ways.The circular shape was chosen to represent inclusion and sound. We want this project to be a safe space inContinue reading “— Care is… by Francisca José”

— Care is… by Jennifer Clarke

A text to give voice to careDefinition of Care?  Arthur Kleinman (2009) “Caregiving: The odyssey of becoming more human”. The Lancet, 373(9660), 292–293: “Caregiving is a defining moral practice… that makes caregivers, and at times even care receivers, more present and therefore more fully human” Iza Kavedzija (2021)The Process of Wellbeing. Cambridge University Press, 26:humans areContinue reading “— Care is… by Jennifer Clarke”

— Care is… by Michiko Takahashi

The definition of “Care”      The definition of care may vary depending on each person. My definition of care is to continue to pay attention to anyone or anything that you are worried about, if only a little bit.Today, I would like to talk about care for the ocean, focusing on the beach that was onceContinue reading “— Care is… by Michiko Takahashi”

— Care is… by Natsumi Sakamoto

Care is everywhere, but invisible and therefore only recognisable through words.Care is all the “attention” that sustains our life and our environment.Care means keeping a continuous attention on others. It means taking responsibility for the condition of others as if it were your own.It is very ‘hard to see’ when you are in an environmentContinue reading “— Care is… by Natsumi Sakamoto”

— Voicing Care?

Final session 最終セッションDecember 17th 12月17日 For our final session for Voicing Care, we want to open the conversation about care to everyone. So far, we have shared various, specific definitions about care, with diverse examples, in art history and theory, everyday life, and art and design.For this session, we would like to invite your own definitionsContinue reading “— Voicing Care?”