Frame from “Speculative Fiction: Practicing Collectively” (full version 2021)

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We still want to hear from you, please feel free and encouraged to submit your ‘documents’ – images, photographs, drawings, poems, fieldnotes, diary entries, audio files or sound recordings through here. They can be shared anonymously, or in a way that you are comfortable with, let us know your boundaries, we are committed to respect them. You can see what we’ve doing and find other Voices.

Voicing Care ケアの声

Stories of She

Voicing Care is a collaboratively curated, trans-national socially-engaged art project that explores and shares the lives of women in Japan and Europe.
Between August and December 2021, we are holding a series of bilingual (English and Japanese) virtual events, discussing themes around art, care, and motherhood with invited guests and participants. Together, we are investigating and developing feminist approaches to socially-engaged art, focussing the concepts of care and recovery, addressing what socially engaged art is and can be in Japan and Europe, after Covid.
Eventually, our project will create multi-voiced ‘portraits’ in alternative artistic modes, digital and virtual means to gather voices, stories and objects, voicing care.

「Voicing Care」は日本とヨーロッパの女性たちの生活について探求、共有する、国境を越えた協働キュレーションによるソーシャリー・エンゲイジド・アート・プロジェクトです。 (以後ソーシャリー・エンゲイジド・アート(socially engaged art)をSEAと記す)2021年8月から12月にかけてオンラインイベント(日英通訳付)を開催し、「アート/ケア/母性」等のテーマについてゲストや参加者と共に話し合います。このプロジェクトではSEAに対するフェミニストのアプローチを模索し発展させます。ケアと復興という概念に焦点を当てながら、コロナ以降の日本とヨーロッパにおいてSEAとは何であるのか、またその可能性を考察します。

2021 program