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Jennifer Clarke is an anthropologist, an artist and currently is a Lecturer in Critical and Contextual Studies at Gray’s School of Art, Scotland. With a background in the humanities as well as the fine arts, and a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, her research, teaching and artistic work combine and explore the borders of art, anthropology, and philosophy, in practice and theory. She usually works collaboratively, in Japan and Europe. She takes a feminist perspective and approach, doing research and public work responding to urgent ecological issues.  She is a Convenor of ANTART The Anthropology and the Arts Network of the European Association of Social Anthropology. She is also a Trustee and Chair of the board for the Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW), in Lumsden, Scotland.

ANTART The Anthropology and the Arts Network of the European Association of Social Anthropology(ヨーロッパ社会人類学協会の人類学と芸術のネットワーク)の招集者でもある。また、スコットランドのラムズデンにあるScottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW)の評議員および理事長を務めている。 page

Natsumi Sakamoto is a visual artist based in Glasgow. She works with film, drawings and multimedia installation.
She explores oral traditions and narratives to regenerate forgotten history and customs. By voicing personal experiences, her work aims to activate marginalized histories through a feminist lens. Her work has been exhibited internationally including a solo exhibition Knitting the Intangible Voices at 16Nicholson Street (2021, Glasgow). She is also a member of the trans-national, feminism focused artist collective called Back and Forth Collective. In recent years, she has been working with a more collaborative and cross-disciplinary approach, including projects such as Speculative Fiction: Practicing Collectively(2020).

坂本夏海 グラスゴーを拠点に活動するアーティスト。映像やドローイングを用いたマルチメディア・インスタレーションを制作する。口承伝統や物語を探求する坂本の作品では、忘れ去られた歴史や習慣を再生することを試みる。
個展「Knitting the Intangible Voices」(16Nicholson Street、グラスゴー)をはじめ、国内外で発表を行う。トランス・ナショナルな活動を行うフェミニスト・アーティストコレクティブ「Back and Forth Collective」のメンバーでもあり、「Speculative Fiction: Practicing Collectively」(2020) 等、領域横断的なアプローチで様々なコラボレーションを行う。

Instagram: @natsumi_sak

Michiko Takahashi is an accomplished translator and interpreter with years of professional experience. Michiko has worked as a guide for diplomats and high-ranking officials and many other interesting visitors to Japan. These experiences have provided Michiko with an enormous range of knowledge on topics as diverse as politics, the economy, geography, history, art and technology. Michiko is keenly interested in the intersection of these fields and how they relate to the way people in different parts of the world live their lives. She is highly personable and always keen to extend herself through her work and interactions with others. She loves a challenge and is always seeking new ways to see the world.


Francisca José is a graphic designer that loves books, especially if they are printed. Since the spring of 2020 she’s been working on the project “Revolution. Or the infinite loop” which is a book-object with AR that´s currently on display at MNAC (The National Museum of Contemporary Art) in Lisbon.
She collaborates with design and architecture studios, contemporary art galleries, museums and institutions, projects and artistic collectives in the production of digital & printed content for communication, catalogs and editorial materials to support exhibitions and events, and in the design of visual identities. At the same time, she has been exploring in the areas of multimedia and technology, with a growing interest in augmented reality and the possibility of enhancing analogue formats through digital media.

フランシスカ・ホセは、本など印刷物を愛するグラフィックデザイナー。2020年の春から「Revolution.Or Infinite Loop」というARを使った本のオブジェを制作しており、現在リスボンのMNAC(国立現代美術館)で展示されている。デザインスタジオや建築スタジオ、現代アートギャラリーや美術館施設、プロジェクトやアーティスト・コレクティブとのコラボレーションにより、コミュニケーションのためのデジタルコンテンツや印刷物の製作や、展覧会やイベントカタログや編集資料の制作、ビジュアル・アイデンティティ・デザインを行っている。マルチメディアやテクノロジーの分野にも取り組んでおり、ARやデジタルメディアによるアナログ形式の拡張の可能性にも関心を寄せている。

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