— Care is… by Francisca José

About the Voicing Care design

Voicing Care has been a challenging project and very much cared for.
Designing its identity was a very rewarding process because I learned a lot, especially about Japan, both language and ways.
The circular shape was chosen to represent inclusion and sound. We want this project to be a safe space in which to voice opinions and concerns. It also resembles a bit a woman’s breast, it was on purpose.
The moving text is an analogy to its trans-national, open and dynamic nature. In the static version of the logo, was important for us to avoid any verticality. The color palette is warm and earth based and the illustrations outlined and transparent.
I would like to show you our website. Although this is the final zoom session, we will keep this conversation open and continue to accept suggestions and contributions.
I’d like to speak of three special pages:
. Glossary: is a never-ending-work-in-progress. We posted some key concepts and are always interested in other perspectives.
. Archive: is where we write about the ideas we’ve been exploring.
. Voices: is an open space for anyone who wants to share.


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