— Voicing “Motherhood”「母性」の声

Feminist perspectives across cultures / 文化を越えたフェミニストの視点 Second session — 24 sep / 第2セッション — 9月24日 In our second session we will discuss motherhood through a feminist lens, considering two key texts as starting points: one excerpt from King Kong Theory (by Virginie Despentes and translated to english by Frank Wynne) that is focused on theContinue reading “— Voicing “Motherhood”「母性」の声”

—Voicing Care?

Opening session / オープニング・セッション27th August In our first session we will introduce ourselves, and the project, and host a short reading group and discussion. Our hope is to open up the discussion and debate in Europe about care, feminism and socially engaged art to a Japanese audience, and consider it in relation to the JapaneseContinue reading “—Voicing Care?”