— Acts of Care?

Fourth Session / 第4回
26th November / 11月26日

This, our fourth session for Voicing Care, will be an opportunity to explore art and design as acts of care. This is partly inspired by the practice of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, or ‘making flowers alive’, which in Buddhism can also be understood as an ‘act of consolation’. What kinds of care are addressed, or involved, in art practices understood as acts of care?
Questions we are interested in exploring together:
・What is (or could or should be) the function of art and design, in the politics of care? ・What makes art practices, or art works, about care, of care, different to documents of care (as we explored in the last session).

「ケアの声」の4回目となる今回は、ケアの行為としてのアートとデザインを探求する機会となります。これは日本の華道、「花を生ける」という行為からヒントを得たもので、仏教では「慰めの行為」として解釈されています。 ケアの行為としてのアートの実践では、どのようなケアが扱われ、関わっているのでしょうか。

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