—Voicing Care?

Opening session / オープニング・セッション
27th August

In our first session we will introduce ourselves, and the project, and host a short reading group and discussion. Our hope is to open up the discussion and debate in Europe about care, feminism and socially engaged art to a Japanese audience, and consider it in relation to the Japanese context.
Following a short introduction to the project, in Japanese and English, where we will  consider the word ‘care’, what it means, and how we translate it, we will host a reading group discussion. We will explore a key text: Forgotten Relations: Feminist Artists and Relational Aesthetics by the art historian Helena Reckitt (2013); we have taken excerpts from this text and translated this into Japanese: we will send this translation and appendices to all registered participants. 
We hope this text will spark a discussion around socially engaged art in Japan, with a focus on feminist issues: care, motherhood, women’s voices.

本プロジェクトの簡単な紹介の後、「ケア」という言葉の意味や翻訳の方法について考え、読書会とディスカッションを行います。美術史家Helena Reckitt著の「Forgotten Relations: Feminist Artists and Relational Aesthetics」(邦題:忘れられた関係性:フェミニスト・アーティストと関係性の美学)(2013) の抜粋の日本語訳と用語集を参加者全員に事前にお送りします。

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