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— Care is… by Francisca José

About the Voicing Care design Voicing Care has been a challenging project and very much cared for.Designing its identity was a very rewarding process because I learned a lot, especially about Japan, both language and ways.The circular shape was chosen to represent inclusion and sound. We want this project to be a safe space inContinue reading “— Care is… by Francisca José”

— Care is… by Jennifer Clarke

A text to give voice to careDefinition of Care?  Arthur Kleinman (2009) “Caregiving: The odyssey of becoming more human”. The Lancet, 373(9660), 292–293: “Caregiving is a defining moral practice… that makes caregivers, and at times even care receivers, more present and therefore more fully human” Iza Kavedzija (2021)The Process of Wellbeing. Cambridge University Press, 26:humans areContinue reading “— Care is… by Jennifer Clarke”

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