— Voicing “Motherhood”「母性」の声

Feminist perspectives across cultures / 文化を越えたフェミニストの視点

Second session — 24 sep / 第2セッション — 9月24日

In our second session we will discuss motherhood through a feminist lens, considering two key texts as starting points: one excerpt from King Kong Theory (by Virginie Despentes and translated to english by Frank Wynne) that is focused on the idealization of the mother and the problem of motherhood, and Post feminism of Japan ‘Joshi-Ryoku’ and Neoliberalism (by Natsuno Kikuchi) that analyses the participation of women and mothers to a social “anti-nuclear” movement and emphasises the social situation and oppression of women in Japan. 

Afterwards, Alyne Delaney will give a brief and bilingual presentation where she will discuss, from an outsider’s perspective as an anthropologist researching in Japan, and from her personal experience, “Motherhood in the Field”.

We would like to invite you to think about these questions:
– What do you think about the idea that gender equality is won at the expense of such stereotypes of femininity?
– In what ways do you feel that femininity, or misogyny can be internalised? In which situations have you felt this way?
– What are the relationships between feminism and motherhood, in your experience/knowledge?
– How do we express motherhood everyday? 




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